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Building your online business requires an insane amount of know how. Further, it demands that you be on the top of your game in SEO, web design, marketing tactics and systems, and company management. Our team at ServerGenie combs the Internet to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and provides them to you here.

99% of our customers use their websites to make money online. Most do not have a brick and mortar, but a substantial amount do own brick and mortar stores.

Our blogs main goal is to keep you informed on the latest trends in SEO, online marketing, and technology.

By keeping you informed, we can work together to keep your business growing.

We are so interested in what you do online, we would like to publish it. Big or small it does not matter, just let us know how you use ServerGenie to make money online. We will give you a backlink to your site and post your article on our blog.

Best yet, there is no cost to do this, we simply want to showcase how we support the entrepreneurial community here at ServerGenie.

By helping each other, we can grow together.

Charles Nix

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