9 Tips You Can Use to be More Productive (secrets the rich use)0

Let’s be honest, if you don’t produce results every day, your business suffers. How do you balance all of the tasks it takes to run an online business and still have a personal life?

I have had the opportunity to be around and witness very successful entrepreneurs and how they manage their business and personal life. These people don’t do anything special, other than manage their time efficiently.

1. The First Hour is Key

The first task of the day should be the most important of the day. Your mind is clear and you are fresh and ready to work. Employees and customers have not had a chance to beat down your door asking for a ton of help they could achieve on their own.

Open up your email or talk to an employee and you are behind the 8 ball on having a so so day. Jump on Facebook or answer a phone call, forget it.

The magic hour is your most productive of the day. If you must, shut your door and turn off your phones and email. The new digital age of always being able to be reached has some serious downside to it. If working from home for the first two hours of the day helps make you more productive, then do it.

When you get distracted with less important stuff like email, you usually lose focus and you will slip down that slippery slope.

Do the most important task of the day at the very beginning of your day, without distraction.

2. Facebook

Facebook can be fun. It’s fun to know what your friends are doing and it’s a great way to keep up with all the goings on. But if you truly want to be successful in your job or business you have to get over your obsession with Facebook. It’s a time sucker (remember last weeks article).

Consider how many hours a day you spend reviewing Facebook and ‘checking in’. I too was sucked in until a year or so ago. One day I realized I had lived most of my life without knowing at all times what every single one of my friends was doing. I could get by without it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but I can’t be bothered with every single post about “OMG…laughing so freakin hard at everybody loves raymond reruns #lovenetflix”.

That’s an actual post too.

If you use Facebook for business be careful you don’t follow every guru out there. All that info is enough to make your brain explode.

I’m not saying you have to delete your Facebook page entirely but you DO need to reconsider who you are friends with and how you spend your time on there. REMEMBER: Every second wasted on Facebook is another second you could be using to get better at your job to improve your business and quality of your life.

3. Follow Successful People

I just told you to obliterate Facebook. You might think I am going crazy now. So why follow successful people?

Follow people in your industry who are the movers and shakers and learn from them. Pattern yourself after successful people and do what they do. 

4. Don’t Check Email Until 11AM

Don’t give in and check email until your most important task of the day is done. For most business owners, I would say don’t bother with checking it until 3 or 4 hours after you get out of bed. Spend your best hours being your best, not sucked in to some quagmire about a customer who needs a $3 refund for an IP address.

One email leads to another and before you know it, you have lost focus on your most important task of the day.

5. Keep Your Cell Phone Off Until 11AM

Same as email. Text messages, Facebook, Email, Instant Messages all live inside that pocket super computer.

Just because your phone rings doesn’t mean you need to answer it. Today, most people treat a phone call as urgent… when in reality, the phone call is almost always about something that can wait for later. Not all text messages deserve a reply.

I rarely answer the phone unless it is a scheduled call. For the most part, a lot of the calls are from salesmen pitching on buying more pens or a new widget.

Be ruthless with your time.

6. Game Plan Your Next Day

Do you just show up to work with no real plan or strategy? This is a huge mistake and one that will bit you in the ass eventually. With no plan or strategy it is guaranteed you will be checking Facebook, Email, Texting, and Answering Calls.

The best way to generate a gameplan is the last 15-minutes of your work day. Create a task list with your most important task listed as number one. All other tasks are listed in descending order.

This tip alone will turn your productivity around big time. I caution you not to make a huge list. At the end of your work day, create a task list with the THREE most important things you need to get done the following day.

It’s a horrible feeling to not check off your entire list, you feel like a failure. Keep the list short and only full of the most important tasks. On the flip side of the coin, knocking out 1 or 2 important things off your list is huge.

If you are truly working efficiently knocking out three big, important tasks done is enough. Whatever you get done beyond that is gravy. Once you get good at knocking three things off your daily list, you might be able to work up to five daily tasks.

7. Don’t Multitask

You may feel like multitasking allows you to get more done. Multitasking really means you are “screwing around but not really getting anything done.” As a business owner, I am forced to multitask from time to time. Those days usually end up as way less productive than a laser focused, one task at a time day.

Success only comes when you devote your entire being to a single task. You are selling yourself short if you are not giving the task 100% of your focus. This is why email, facebook and cell phones should be banned during your golden hours.

8. Ready, Aim, Fire

Nothing is perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. No time is the perfect time.

Stop waiting, start doing.

The people who wait for perfection get nowhere. Many of my successful friends take imperfect action and without all of the information they could get. Ready, aim, fire is the mantra of the most successful people. They develop an idea and they act.

Quick and concise decision making. No internal arguing and debates.

You have to execute and you have to be willing to fail.

Just like Michael Jordan said in this classic commercial


9. Hire Slow, Fire Fast

I’ve heard this from more than one person. This is one of the most important aspects of your business if you have employees that you manage. Basically, it’s impossible to build a successful web hosting company on your own. There’s just too much to do. That’s why you need to hire good people.

Hire good people then delegate tasks. This allows you to stay on top of your business. When you start doing tasks that should be reserved for an employee, you are in trouble.

Take the time to ensure that the person you hire will be a good fit. Make sure they share your vision and can be trusted. Do a background check, check references, and do a thorough interview.


Please remember that you can’t expect your employees to have the SAME work ethic, drive, or desire to succeed that you have. They never will. It’s ok, too.

If you expect your employees to care as much as you do, you are going to be pissed off a lot.

At the first signs the employee isn’t working out, cut them loose. You must get rid of people who are holding you back and you need to immediately find someone better. If the person isn’t doing a good job, either based on customer feedback, results, or your own impressions they have to go and someone else better has to be brought in.


Top 3 WordPress Plugins (for security)0

Let’s face it: WordPress kicks ass!

WordPress makes building and running your website easier than ever. Everyone at ServerGenie loves it too, it makes providing support for you much… much.. MUCH easier.

Running a successul blog requires it to be free from hackers, fast loading, and be online at all times. The great thing about WordPress is that you can install plugins (in most cases free) that in the past you would of had to hire a programmer to complete for you. The amount and quality of plugins for WordPress is almost endless.

The top 3 plugins I like for security are:

1. W3 Total Cache (speed)

A totally free plugin that speeds up your website by caching popular pages and images. Google has made it clear that site speed is one of their ranking methods. In addition, research has shown that slow loading websites actually cost you sales. Make sure your website is as fast as possible.

2. VaultPress (backup)

VaultPress is a full backup solution that allows you to easily restore pages that you may overwrite or delete. This is even helpful because I have heard of some web hosts (not us), who do not backup their shared hosting packages. VAULTPRESS IS WORTH THE MONEY.

Another option is to use the Dropbox backup plugin (you must have a Dropbox account). I’ve tested both and VaultPress works the best, however, I also use the Dropbox plugin as well. I work in the department of redundancy department.

3. CloudFlare (security)

Cloudflare is really cool because it has options that can protect your site against hackers and DDOS attacks. Quite simply, the free option allows you to protect your WordPress site like most Fortune 500 companies do. The paid versions offer much more functionality in terms of speed and security. THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY.

Of course, there are many more plugins.. but these are my top 3 picks for peace of mind.

Although some I recommended are paid additions you should seriously consider using them. Backups, security, and site speed are essential in today’s World.


The Rebirth of the American Dream (Zero to 1000 Sales, Earn 100K in 12-Months or Less)0


ServerGenie.com was created to help reawaken the American Dream – globally – by harnessing the power of the Internet. The Internet can be used by anyone, at any age, anywhere in the World to create financial freedom.

So why not take full advantage of this powerful tool?

To get you started, I have written a 30-page e-book on starting your own online business entitled “From Zero t0 1000 Sales, How to Architect a 6 Figure Online Business in 12 Months or Less”.

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With the information included in this PDF, as well as the daily blog posts for our “American Dream” series we know you will learn a lot….

…most importantly, those who succeed will IMPLEMENT most if not all of our teachings to their new online startup or their existing website.

We hope that you will discover daily guidance that will light your path as you build your Internet business from your kitchen table or spare bedroom, so that you can create and design the life of your dreams, and the one you deserve for all of your hard work.

No matter where you live, what your government is doing to interrupt your financial situation, you can use the Internet to create value for others.

Create value and you will be rewarded with financial freedom, a business that allows you to dictate your own schedule, and the satisfaction that YOU are making a difference in this World of ours.

YOU are now in charge.

..and guess what?

You are not alone in this journey; ServerGenie.com is right behind you every step of the way!

Over the coming days and months and years, I will show you EXACTLY what you need to get started, based on my experience as well as some of my highly successful friends.

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Christian and I got my start online all the way back in 1997 when I started an online golf store.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I managed to start generating money almost immediately… that is until the golf manufacturers decided the Internet was a “bad thing” and stopped selling to people who did not have a brick-and-mortar store.

I was put out of business overnight at a time when I really needed the income.

>>> Click Here to Get Your Free Copy of “From Zero to 1000 Sales, How to Architect a 6 Figure Online Business in Less Than 12 Months”

Even though this was devastating to me personally and financially, it did not deter me from using the Internet. In fact, it had the opposite effect… I had been shown a powerfully affordable tool at my disposal.

I then took a job at a Web Hosting company where I became the Director of Marketing.

I took sales from 3-5 per day to over 120+ per day in a matter of months. I was also put in charge of creating a new dedicated server line to sell with one other very capable person.

Our team of two managed to generate close to 100K in recurring revenue in a matter of 7-months. Quite remarkable considering that we did everything!

Webmaster, Ordering, Setup, Tech Support, and Marketing…

However, this job didn’t last forever, as the owner of the company was very unstable to say the least. So here I was again, out on my butt looking for another job.

It really stung because I made this joker a LOT of money, and this was how he repaid me? (There’s more to the story, but if you have ever seen the movie Horrible Bosses you get the idea…)

I was bitter at first, but those feelings are worthless and do not help you in a way. I quickly dismissed any animosity and even forgave my old boss.

If you are jaded, bitter, or angry – you need to deal with those feelings right away or you will not succeed.

Needless to say, my eyes were wide open at the power of the Internet and how it could make a huge impact on my financial well being.

TWICE forces had shut me down and I felt like I had zero control…

That’s when I decided to empower ME, and stop depending on others.

Empowering YOU is a huge step in becoming financially self-reliant.

>>> Take Action Now to Get Your Free Copy of “From Zero to 1000 Sales, How to Architect a 6 Figure Online Business in Less Than 12 Months”

It’s the first step, but a required step for you to take if you value your own success.

I won’t bore you with details of my endeavors now….

…but I will teach you all of the steps you MUST take to become financially independent.

This guide will give you a high level overview of how the process works. Each week, I will be personally emailing you a new blog post that goes in to more detail on each of the steps given within this document.

I have learned quite a bit about marketing online, and it makes me happy to be able to share it with you in the hopes you can achieve your dreams.

I was able craft the lifestyle I always wanted… it’s easier than you think.

If I can do it, you CAN DO IT!

Let’s get started.


P.S. Click Here to Claim Your Free PDF “From Zero to 1000 Sales, How to Architect a 6 Figure Online Business in Less Than 12 Months” and your FREE Subscription to our business building articles.

5 Tips to Write Better0

Facebook, Twitter, WordPress  plugins, etc., etc – there’s a lot to learn about these hefty guys (or women… there, I’m safe).

The truth is, you can spend all the time in the world learning the tips and tricks to get the most out of these social monsters, but the bottom line is that you need to create content that people enjoy reading.

I’m not an SEO expert (believe me).  But as I build my list, I find that the more “loose” I am and being more of myself, the more my readers appreciate my honesty and me being transparent.  That’s when they hit that “share” button.

So, these are the tips I’ve learned as I evolved as a fitness writer and trainer:

#1 – Be Yourself

I’ve done everything from product launches to rants on my blogs, and it seems the less serious I am, the more my readers enjoy it.  As a matter of fact, I’ve recently released my hardest fitness product, Hardcore Finishers, and I literally told my list not to get it if you’re a “wuss”.  I got a few chuckles from that, and it allowed me to be transparent.

#2 – Hit the “Enter” Key Frequently

One thing I’ve learned through both articles and emails is that hitting the “enter” key will make your message easier to read and easier on the eyes.  When you have 40 lines of text without any space, it just simply gets lost.  I try to keep my paragraphs to about 6 lines at the most.  Then I hit enter.

#3 – Be Honest

This really comes in handy when I promote a product that relates to me.  I’ll totally admit when I splurge too much on the weekend and eat 8 slices of pizza in one sitting.  My fitness list appreciates that and they see that I’m human.  Then, I’ll tell them about a nutrition product that allows more wiggle room so you can get back on track.  Simply don’t say, “buy this”.  Give them a reason and tell them how it has worked for you and your clients.

#4 – Be Funny, But Only if it’s Natural

Don’t tell knock-knock jokes in the middle of a heartfelt success story.  It won’t work… “Sarah lost 32 lbs and 3 dress sizes using this product.  That reminds me, 2 monkeys walk into a bar…”.

See? That doesn’t make sense.  But don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself and connect with people using your natural humor.  However, if humor is not really part of your personality, don’t force it.  It will fail… miserably.

#5 – Write as if You’re Talking to Your Friend

“What’s up guys and girls… and Moms… and Dads…. and single people….. and married people?”  People disconnect from an email or article that you can tell is being told to a broad audience.  So, write as if you’re at a table talking to a friend inside of a restaurant.  For example:

Hey, how are you?  I know you’ve been struggling on the weekends with your nutrition.  Don’t worry, I am, too.  I think _____ product can help you with that.  Let me know how it goes.

You would do that instead of saying, “Hi everybody, for those of you that struggle on the weekend with your nutrition, you should look at this…”

Of course, when you talk to your audience as if you’re talking to a friend, more than likely, you will get that click to the product you’re promoting because they connected with you at some kind of level.  It’s all about the connection.

Just be sure you have a host that can handle the traffic.  Nothing is worse than talking to your best friend (your audience) and then they click over and nothing is there.  That will disconnect you from them faster than ever.

I haven’t worried about something like that since I’ve been hosting my sites on ServerGenie.com.  I have enough on my plate (creating and writing content) to not have to worry about too much traffic.  I’ve had too many headaches in the past with websites being down and not getting a response until days after.

I’ve launched two blogs and two product launches using their service and the response time is blazing fast, and I had zero issues.  This has allowed me to type cool articles (like this one dummy – See? … using humor baby).

To your success,

Mike Whitfield


EDITORS NOTE: Be sure you check out Mikes website if you need to get in to shape. His programs are World famous and can be added to ANY exercises. Workout finishers are unique and you can even do them as stand alone if you are super lazy like me.

I enjoyed adding these to my golf workouts and they have helped slim me down rather nicely.


How to Take a Quantum Leap in Income0

Building an online business can be overwhelming.

There’s so much to be done like creating products and marketing funnels, building relationships with your customers, increasing conversion, and more.

…and that doesn’t even include getting your website up and running, keeping it up and running, having graphics designed, customer service, deciding how to process payments, and there’s more.

It’s too much for most people to handle and that’s why so few people actually build successful Internet-based businesses. The key is to focus on what’s important – and the marketing is the most important part.

Be A Marketer, Not a Doer

Whether your business is online or offline, the biggest increases in income come when business owners make the shift from thinking they are the doer to realizing they are the marketer of the product or services.

The one who transforms his thinking from being a plumber to that of being a marketer of plumbing services has taken the first step to creating a bigger income.

Plumbers are everywhere. The ones who make the most money are the ones who best marketer their services because that creates more demand for plumbing services.

If the plumber has more business than he can handle, he can always hire another plumber, pay him for his services, and create more profit for his business. The same applies to any business.

No Marketing = No Traffic

Focusing on important things like marketing means not focusing on things that aren’t nearly as important. Take websites for example. They’re important if you’re going to make money online – but without marketing that drives traffic to the website you won’t make any money.

Marketing is the important task. Web hosting is necessary but not nearly as important. That’s why the most successful business owners don’t waste precious time learning how to build websites and how to be a webmaster.

That’s not where the money is. That’s not the most important task for a business owner. That’s something that should be outsourced to a competent professional. And that’s exactly what I and many others have done.

Not All Hosts Are Created Equal

But not all web hosts are created equal. Selecting an inferior hosting service can be detrimental to your business and your income. You need someone that understands an Internet business and respects that any downtime is taking money out of your pocket.

You need a hosting service with a competent technical support staff that speaks English and responds promptly. You don’t want a bunch of engineers that only speak tech, can’t communicate in plain English, don’t respond in a timely fashion, and leave you frustrated.

A good web hosting service can be hard to find. The service can suddenly go downhill as it become more popular and the support staff becomes overwhelmed trying to support the growing number of customers.

The web hosting service I recommend and personally use is Server Genie. If you need one less thing to worry about so you can focus on what’s important, then I suggest you check them out for yourself.

You’ll discover all you need to know here: WordPress Cloud Hosting.

Robert Phillips
Land Your Six-Figure Dream Job

Robert is an accomplished copywriting expert who has written for Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Robert currently is a top copywriter for Stansbury and Associates.

Robert also has an information product you can buy online – which is why he chose ServerGenie for his needs.

If you are looking for the tools you need to land a six-figure dream job – look no further than UltimateJobToolkit.com.

Let’s Have Coffee Together0

I’m addicted to Starbucks.

I love the aroma, the atmosphere, and I love the brownies.

Most of all, I enjoy having coffee with you and discussing business.

Drinking coffee is when I feel the most creative.

Don’t you just love Starbucks? The atmosphere is second to none. That is unless you are there during the morning rush. Plus it can be pretty pricey when you get a sandwich, brownie, and a frap.

Instead of heading out to Starbucks, why don’t we stay here in the office (or home office) and have some coffee from our ServerGenie coffee mugs.

We can discuss our next promotion and what new marketing tactics we will be using to increase sales.

I like a bit of hazelnut flavor in my morning brew.

Where is your mug?

Oh good, I’m glad you found it. Do you remember how you got your mug? It was so easy.

Oh.. you don’t?

Well, maybe you got it when you submitted your video testimonial to ServerGenie…


How about when you submitted that article on SEO best practices?

Oh good… you do remember. I knew it was one of those.

How To Get Your Free Mug

And if you haven’t got one.. it’s easy..

Just submit a video testimonial about how ServerGenie has helped improve your bottom line or made your life much easier.

If you don’t feel comfortable on camera, no big deal.

Just send us a unique article (we want this to be special for our readers) that has to do with running an online business. It can be anything really, marketing, SEO, time management, or even a success story of something you’ve done with your own business that other biz owners might find useful.


Why Did We Start ServerGenie?0

Starting a Web Hosting company is a major undertaking. If you do hosting right…..

Hiring good technicians, buying quality equipment, and developing a service that people actually want to buy consumes a lot of financial resources.

Indeed… there are many hoops to jump through to get setup and running.

When the ‘collective’ brain behind ServerGenie got together and formulated a plan – we wanted to solve one problem:


After touring hundreds of data centers and meeting with hundreds of web hosting companies through the years, it became very clear to us.

There just aren’t very many trustworthy web hosting solutions out there.

I guess you are wondering what ‘trust’ means.

It’s used in a broad term in regards to ServerGenie. We think it means doing the right things to ensure your web site is online all the time. We also think that it means being straightforward and honest with our pricing plans and terms and conditions (don’t get me started on unlimited web hosts – that’s another topic altogether for trust).

Let’s stay away from unlimited hosts for now and take aim at our now famous back alley data center tour and how it relates to trust.

The web host in question had a brilliant website, great prices, and seemingly great everything. Wanting to learn more about this web host we arranged a tour and lunch meeting.

Upon arriving at the data center we were shocked. Here are just a few bullet points of what we saw..

Back Alley Data Center Highlights

  • Strip Club directly across the street
  • Motorcycle repair ship behind
  • Owner told us that facility was secure because motorcycle shop had a guard dog
  • Carpeted flooring in the data center
  • Bread rack of maybe 5-10 servers, low quality
  • Window unit served as A/C (window units can easily be pulled out of the window to gain access)
  • No security guard
  • No backup generators
  • Web Host hosted his main website at Rackspace.com

As you can see, a lot of trust issues here when you are putting your online business in this guys hands. He didn’t even trust his own hosting enough to use his own data center.


If this guy doesn’t trust his own hosting, why should you?

ServerGenie takes your business serious, and your livelihood serious.

The principals at ServerGenie have all been involved with successful online ventures. We know what it means to make your sole living off the web.

Web Hosts will suck you in with low cost dream deals, offers too good to be true, and bartering down to the last dollar.

In reality, they are bringing you in as one of the herd, with no special considerations at all. If you don’t fit in with their low usage quotas, they will up-sell you or get rid of you.

It’s that basic and we have a lot of customers you can watch on our testimonials page that will confirm this.

Let us earn your trust – it’s really the only thing that matters in Web Hosting.


A Penny Into Millions?0

There’s a better use for your pennies than making a tile floor out of them.. although, this is pretty awesome isn’t it?

Don’t ask me why I remember this…

But it must have happened when I was in high school.

The teacher that day taught my class a valuable lesson about money (I don’t know how I remember since I slacked off and slept through high school classes).

The teacher said to us…

“Given the choice of receiving one million dollars in one month or a penny doubled every day for the month (30 days), what would you decide?”

No doubt I chose the million since I was always looking for easy street.

And then our teacher, proceeded to explain to our class how if you were paid a penny today, but then doubled that payment every day of the penny every day for 30 days, you would have over $5 million dollars by the 30th day.

Check this out…I found this chart online.

Penny Doubling Explained

Day 1: $.01

Day 2: $.02

Day 3: $.04

Day 4: $.08

Day 5: $.16

Day 6: $.32

Day 7: $.64

Day 8: $1.28

Day 9: $2.56

Day 10: $5.12

Day 11: $10.24

Day 12: $20.48

Day 13: $40.96

Day 14: $81.92

Day 15: $163.84

Day 16: $327.68

Day 17: $655.36

Day 18: $1,310.72

Day 19: $2,621.44

Day 20: $5,242.88

Day 21: $10,485.76

Day 22: $20,971.52

Day 23: $41,943.04

Day 24: $83,886.08

Day 25: $167,772.16

Day 26: $335,544.32

Day 27: $671,088.64

Day 28: $1,342,177.28

Day 29: $2,684,354.56

Day 30: $5,368,709.12

What Does This Have To Do With You?

Sure.. sure.. you are wondering, “What does this have to do with my online business?”

Aside from being able to wow your kids or friends children with a good lesson, it helps illustrate 3 important points about growing your website business…

1) New Businesses Start Out Slow And Take Care To Build.

2) You Must Be VERY Patient.

3) SUCCESS Is Assured The Longer You Stick With It.

There Are No Silver Bullets

Firing your “silver bullet” can take years. There is nothing instant about the Internet and Sales. There are success stories like Pinterest and Draw This, but those projects were very clever, had substantial funding, and took awhile to design and implement.

There is no reason you can’t achieve the same success. However, it may take a bit longer (remember our penny story).

Just be patient.

An Internet Marketing guru once told me he knew of a guy who had a print newsletter that costs $50 per year and that has grown to almost 30,000 subscribers in about 20 years.

Would you love to have 30,000 subscribers?

They won’t come overnight… but if you are in it for the long haul, you can achieve this.

Fortunately, these days, you could probably charge a little more than $50 per year – let’s say $10 a month.

Penny Ante

Now imagine if you had an email subscriber list… got 1 subscriber this month.. then then doubled that number every month.

In less than 12 months, you would have over 2000 subscribers, and you’d be able to generate $20,000 a month.

That’s a 6-figure dream job.

Of course, no one can guarantee you will double your list each month.. the message here is to take the long view of your business.

It’s really tough in this age of instant gratification, but if you’ve set your website up properly, and you’ve chosen a market that you are passionate about, then you’re in this for the long haul…

You WILL succeed…. don’t be discouraged by a slow start.

There will be struggles, but you will reach a point when your business starts to take off. When you start making multiple sales every day. When you start having affiliates contact you and ask to promote your product.

And then your business will hit that point when it takes off like a rocket.

To Your Success,


From Zero to 1000 Sales: A Guide To Starting An Online Business (Day Zero)0

I thought it would be fun if I created a product not related to Web Hosting and tried to gain some success with it.

Not only would I need to improve my marketing skills, but also improve my skills at finding a niche product.

I will give you a step by step weekly run down of what I am doing and how I am doing it .. you just might pick up a nugget or two.

Not only will this showcase how important your Web Host really is, it will show you everything involved from product creation all the way up to your first sale.

Sound good so far?

So maybe a lot of you are probably experienced and may not have any interest in this series.. but that’s good too.. I want your advice!

If you see me screwing up or see an area I can improve upon, I would love to hear from you.

Wait.. There’s More..

Great… but I don’t want to stop there, I want to take it past the first sale and reach 1,000 sales. I want to make sure my advice really works on here.

I have no idea how long this series of articles will take….

It could take two months or three years.

In my next article, I will be finding a niche that solves a problem for people.

I have few hobbies, and most of them relate to fitness, golf, or golf and fitness, or watching golf on tv, or thinking about golf..

So I need to find a problem people are having with golf and/or fitness and solve it.

Before I commit to any one idea though, I need to research the idea’s and find out if there is a suitable amount of Google searches done each day for them. I also need to find out how competitive these markets are.

I am going for the low hanging fruit.

And no, I am not buying Starting an Online Business for DUMMIES. I probably should though. lol.

If you are interested in the book though, click the image to the left and it will take you to Amazon where you can pick this up pretty cheap!

Wish Me Luck,