5 Tips to Write Better0

Facebook, Twitter, WordPress  plugins, etc., etc – there’s a lot to learn about these hefty guys (or women… there, I’m safe).

The truth is, you can spend all the time in the world learning the tips and tricks to get the most out of these social monsters, but the bottom line is that you need to create content that people enjoy reading.

I’m not an SEO expert (believe me).  But as I build my list, I find that the more “loose” I am and being more of myself, the more my readers appreciate my honesty and me being transparent.  That’s when they hit that “share” button.

So, these are the tips I’ve learned as I evolved as a fitness writer and trainer:

#1 – Be Yourself

I’ve done everything from product launches to rants on my blogs, and it seems the less serious I am, the more my readers enjoy it.  As a matter of fact, I’ve recently released my hardest fitness product, Hardcore Finishers, and I literally told my list not to get it if you’re a “wuss”.  I got a few chuckles from that, and it allowed me to be transparent.

#2 – Hit the “Enter” Key Frequently

One thing I’ve learned through both articles and emails is that hitting the “enter” key will make your message easier to read and easier on the eyes.  When you have 40 lines of text without any space, it just simply gets lost.  I try to keep my paragraphs to about 6 lines at the most.  Then I hit enter.

#3 – Be Honest

This really comes in handy when I promote a product that relates to me.  I’ll totally admit when I splurge too much on the weekend and eat 8 slices of pizza in one sitting.  My fitness list appreciates that and they see that I’m human.  Then, I’ll tell them about a nutrition product that allows more wiggle room so you can get back on track.  Simply don’t say, “buy this”.  Give them a reason and tell them how it has worked for you and your clients.

#4 – Be Funny, But Only if it’s Natural

Don’t tell knock-knock jokes in the middle of a heartfelt success story.  It won’t work… “Sarah lost 32 lbs and 3 dress sizes using this product.  That reminds me, 2 monkeys walk into a bar…”.

See? That doesn’t make sense.  But don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself and connect with people using your natural humor.  However, if humor is not really part of your personality, don’t force it.  It will fail… miserably.

#5 – Write as if You’re Talking to Your Friend

“What’s up guys and girls… and Moms… and Dads…. and single people….. and married people?”  People disconnect from an email or article that you can tell is being told to a broad audience.  So, write as if you’re at a table talking to a friend inside of a restaurant.  For example:

Hey, how are you?  I know you’ve been struggling on the weekends with your nutrition.  Don’t worry, I am, too.  I think _____ product can help you with that.  Let me know how it goes.

You would do that instead of saying, “Hi everybody, for those of you that struggle on the weekend with your nutrition, you should look at this…”

Of course, when you talk to your audience as if you’re talking to a friend, more than likely, you will get that click to the product you’re promoting because they connected with you at some kind of level.  It’s all about the connection.

Just be sure you have a host that can handle the traffic.  Nothing is worse than talking to your best friend (your audience) and then they click over and nothing is there.  That will disconnect you from them faster than ever.

I haven’t worried about something like that since I’ve been hosting my sites on ServerGenie.com.  I have enough on my plate (creating and writing content) to not have to worry about too much traffic.  I’ve had too many headaches in the past with websites being down and not getting a response until days after.

I’ve launched two blogs and two product launches using their service and the response time is blazing fast, and I had zero issues.  This has allowed me to type cool articles (like this one dummy – See? … using humor baby).

To your success,

Mike Whitfield


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