Let’s Have Coffee Together0

I’m addicted to Starbucks.

I love the aroma, the atmosphere, and I love the brownies.

Most of all, I enjoy having coffee with you and discussing business.

Drinking coffee is when I feel the most creative.

Don’t you just love Starbucks? The atmosphere is second to none. That is unless you are there during the morning rush. Plus it can be pretty pricey when you get a sandwich, brownie, and a frap.

Instead of heading out to Starbucks, why don’t we stay here in the office (or home office) and have some coffee from our ServerGenie coffee mugs.

We can discuss our next promotion and what new marketing tactics we will be using to increase sales.

I like a bit of hazelnut flavor in my morning brew.

Where is your mug?

Oh good, I’m glad you found it. Do you remember how you got your mug? It was so easy.

Oh.. you don’t?

Well, maybe you got it when you submitted your video testimonial to ServerGenie…


How about when you submitted that article on SEO best practices?

Oh good… you do remember. I knew it was one of those.

How To Get Your Free Mug

And if you haven’t got one.. it’s easy..

Just submit a video testimonial about how ServerGenie has helped improve your bottom line or made your life much easier.

If you don’t feel comfortable on camera, no big deal.

Just send us a unique article (we want this to be special for our readers) that has to do with running an online business. It can be anything really, marketing, SEO, time management, or even a success story of something you’ve done with your own business that other biz owners might find useful.


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