From Zero to 1000 Sales: A Guide To Starting An Online Business (Day Zero)0

I thought it would be fun if I created a product not related to Web Hosting and tried to gain some success with it.

Not only would I need to improve my marketing skills, but also improve my skills at finding a niche product.

I will give you a step by step weekly run down of what I am doing and how I am doing it .. you just might pick up a nugget or two.

Not only will this showcase how important your Web Host really is, it will show you everything involved from product creation all the way up to your first sale.

Sound good so far?

So maybe a lot of you are probably experienced and may not have any interest in this series.. but that’s good too.. I want your advice!

If you see me screwing up or see an area I can improve upon, I would love to hear from you.

Wait.. There’s More..

Great… but I don’t want to stop there, I want to take it past the first sale and reach 1,000 sales. I want to make sure my advice really works on here.

I have no idea how long this series of articles will take….

It could take two months or three years.

In my next article, I will be finding a niche that solves a problem for people.

I have few hobbies, and most of them relate to fitness, golf, or golf and fitness, or watching golf on tv, or thinking about golf..

So I need to find a problem people are having with golf and/or fitness and solve it.

Before I commit to any one idea though, I need to research the idea’s and find out if there is a suitable amount of Google searches done each day for them. I also need to find out how competitive these markets are.

I am going for the low hanging fruit.

And no, I am not buying Starting an Online Business for DUMMIES. I probably should though. lol.

If you are interested in the book though, click the image to the left and it will take you to Amazon where you can pick this up pretty cheap!

Wish Me Luck,