Top 3 WordPress Plugins (for security)0

Let’s face it: WordPress kicks ass!

WordPress makes building and running your website easier than ever. Everyone at ServerGenie loves it too, it makes providing support for you much… much.. MUCH easier.

Running a successul blog requires it to be free from hackers, fast loading, and be online at all times. The great thing about WordPress is that you can install plugins (in most cases free) that in the past you would of had to hire a programmer to complete for you. The amount and quality of plugins for WordPress is almost endless.

The top 3 plugins I like for security are:

1. W3 Total Cache (speed)

A totally free plugin that speeds up your website by caching popular pages and images. Google has made it clear that site speed is one of their ranking methods. In addition, research has shown that slow loading websites actually cost you sales. Make sure your website is as fast as possible.

2. VaultPress (backup)

VaultPress is a full backup solution that allows you to easily restore pages that you may overwrite or delete. This is even helpful because I have heard of some web hosts (not us), who do not backup their shared hosting packages. VAULTPRESS IS WORTH THE MONEY.

Another option is to use the Dropbox backup plugin (you must have a Dropbox account). I’ve tested both and VaultPress works the best, however, I also use the Dropbox plugin as well. I work in the department of redundancy department.

3. CloudFlare (security)

Cloudflare is really cool because it has options that can protect your site against hackers and DDOS attacks. Quite simply, the free option allows you to protect your WordPress site like most Fortune 500 companies do. The paid versions offer much more functionality in terms of speed and security. THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY.

Of course, there are many more plugins.. but these are my top 3 picks for peace of mind.

Although some I recommended are paid additions you should seriously consider using them. Backups, security, and site speed are essential in today’s World.


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